Did you know that if your child is unprepared for bullying or unaware of his surroundings, he is more likely to be targeted?

No one wants their child to be defenseless when it comes to bullying. But if you do not prepare your kids in advance, they will be.

Talk to your kids about how to deal with bullying before it happens.

Discuss the importance of avoiding bullying hot spots, how to stay safe on the bus and how to stand up to bullies. Also, equip them with self-defense techniques.

Should Children Learn Self Defense?

Benefits of teaching children self defense :

Self –defense is about trusting your instincts, understanding your surroundings, and doing everything possible to avoid putting yourself into harm’s way and where possible diffuse the situation.

It builds confidence. Martial arts gives children the skills they need to defend themselves. When armed with practical knowledge and self-defense skills, a child would feel more confident about standing up for herself.

It stays with children their whole lives. The earlier a child learns self-defense, the more likely it will turn into an instinct. Children are like sponges; they absorb massive amounts of information.

It teaches self-discipline. Martial arts classes are known for instilling self-discipline in children. They teach children to think before acting on an impulse, handle confrontation effectively, and make good choices in general.

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